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The boat was empty, not a soul in sight, he perched high on the branch, as sun set to night; watching and waiting, always calculated his timing, he was ready for his dinner, so he started his priming. When out of nowhere, came the rush of wings; nothing ever good, came out of these things. Sighing, he knew, he had heard it before; the eagle had found, his hidden place, once more. Now honing in on the fish he espied, the hawk simply sat there, watching, wide eyed; he knew better than to challenge this bird, trying to do so would be quite absurd. Instead he lamented, on what he should do next; there was still one more fish, but to get it, complex. So he waited again, til the eagle had gone; hoping this time, he had truly moved on. Again, there it was, that sound ever roaring; he was back for the other, that darn eagle, came soaring! Off went the second fish, into claws, twas transferred; all the hawk could do now, was go hungry, dumb bird…


The moral of the story: He who hesitates, often misses dinner.


January Writing Prompt – The boat was empty, except for one lone fish – Day 10/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0