It’s My Blogiversary! – #milestones


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I’m so glad I decided to check into my blog today or I would have missed this! Life definitely gets in the way these days, but this, this is a bright spot for me!

I can’t believe it! Seven years have flown by and my little blog has an anniversary today. It seems like only yesterday when I posted my first article, back when I wasn’t posting my poetry (That’s officially in January).

Of course, I wouldn’t be here without the support and friendship from so many in the WordPress community (I don’t want to name for chance I may miss someone!), family and friends. I never dreamed I would make it this far, and yet, numerous books later, and two more awaiting editing, I am still here.

And so, off to year eight, and Lord only knows what it will bring! Many thanks to all of you, for allowing me to share my thoughts (sometimes crazy ones) and cheering me on. Because of you, I am able to continue my dream. See ya round the blogosphere! ❤


Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

#FridayFantasy – No Escape ~ Beware the #FullMoon – #poetry #Halloween


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Ghoulish creature in full moon light

Eerily stalking you, in ebony night

No longer hidden, the Hunter’s Moon glows

Lighting the way, with terror, he shows

A hideous face, with a sickle in hand

His quest for you, most carefully planned

Watching and waiting, he stares in the dark

Empty eyes gazing, he’s leaving his mark

Quivering soul, he’s gotten into your head

Wearing you down, no escape from the dead


Photo and Poem ©2016 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved

Unanswered Prayers – #poetry of the #forgotten


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Painted bronze, with flecks of gold
Hidden deep, her tale, untold
Fiery hair, though life is cold
Her dreams, so oft, are nightmares

Eyes closed tightly, the world unseen
Most around her, repulsive, mean
In this place, she contravenes
Reality faltering, unawares

Though truth will never find its path
Lost forever, in the aftermath
Of evil, sinners, she feels their wrath
No love, no heart, no cares

Grieving, the past, it’s plain to see
There’s nothing there, her soul, empty
The Fates have blocked her destiny
They leave her, with unanswered prayers


©2020 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by press 👍 and ⭐ from Pixabay