Into Her World, We Were Born – #poetry


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This is for you, Dee….

Beside the bed, her sneakers lay
There are no feet in them, today
Leggings and blouses, tucked away
Never again to be worn

Earrings and bracelets, laid aside
Into their boxes, to safely abide
Worn with elegance, flair, and pride
No longer do they adorn

Photos, in an album, bent
Pictures of the one who meant
So very much, is now absent
Leaving her family, forlorn

Little reminders, around us dance
To catch a glimpse, perhaps, perchance
Of her spirit, one last glance
She would not want us to mourn

Instead, to remember a giving heart
A lover of opera, and collectible art
The happier times, of which we were part
For into her world, we were born


Authors Note: The picture above, from left to right is, my Aunt Dee, my Nana, my Mom, and that’s me in the front, taken mid to late 60’s.  I grew up with Dee, as we are only 10 years apart, and because of that, I considered her my sister, but I am an only child.  We shared each other’s mother, my Mom raising Dee, my Nana raising me.  It was a strong bond between four females that remains today.  I wrote this while thinking of all the good times Dee & I had as kids, and how close we are today, because of Rose and Madalyn.  I know my Mom would want us to celebrate her life, and not to mourn, for into her world, we were lovingly born.  ❤

Sedative ~ #poetry of a lost soul


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A tiny pill

To ease the pain

Release the conscious

And float, again


A broken heart

This gaping hole

An empty place

Her troubled soul


Anguish dominates

Anxiety reigns

Hour after hour

Memories stain


A heart so shattered

Unsure, abandoned

Make them go away

Those with their hand in


Ripping apart

Nothing left, no beat

Lost in the fog

Of another defeat


©2020 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by Artie_Navarre from Pixabay

Until We Meet Again, Mom – #poetry


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With her own heart, she gave love

Guiding and nurturing me down the path

Of life, a life I could not have lived, without her

Her gentle touch, comforting words, always

Music to my ears, a concert of positive

Notes left in my lunchbox, her reminder

She was always with me, always had me,

In her arms, even in her weakest moments

She was stronger than anyone I knew, and

Now that she has made the journey to Heaven

I know I will still have that guiding light,

For in my eyes, she will always be a star.


©2020 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Collage by Vander May Funeral Home with permission from family.

Taking a hiatus


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Hello friends,

On Wednesday, June 10, I lost my Mom.  I am in shock and just numb, so I will be taking an extended leave from WordPress.  I lost my best friend, my mentor, my heart is broken.

Hug your loved ones always, tell them you love them, tomorrow is never promised.

Until my return..


The Unknown – #poetry of #life


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She lies there alone
Surely facing unknown
Her body, is lost in a drift

Unaware, of what might be
Though her eyes truly see
Her body, is lost in a rift

Trying hard to stay strong
Oh, but this is so wrong!
She doesn’t deserve this plight

Machines click and beep
As she tries not to sleep
Never to give up the fight


©2020 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay