When Dreams Fade Away – #poetry #collaboration


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black-and-white-1621976_960_720Clouds collect, then go astray

They have no time to stop and play

I close my eyes and wonder why

Breathing out, an endless sigh

Of darkness, overtaking thought

Leaving me somber, silently fraught

As nighttime, void of color, stays

I lose myself, when dreams fade away


This is my contribution to Neha’s, of Forgotten Meadows, poetic collaboration “When Dreams Fade Away

©2016 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved


For the first time in nights, I found some sleep…. Perhaps Richard’s writing is more magical than I thought.🙂 Thank you, my friend! I love this.❤

Richard M. Ankers

As promised: For Dorinda because she just won’t go to sleep.

Count the stars through open drapes
Twinkling down on your dreamscapes,
Set in coals, though it can’t be,
This is what your dreams should be.
Try to let your mind relax
Wash away all day did tax,
And let the pillows taketh strain
Imagined as the summer rain.
The owl hoots and nightjar sings
Sending you to slumberings
With sweet night songs, mellow tone;
Switch off mind and mobile phone.
Pull up the sheets, you’re almost there,
I say this soft with all due care,
As tired smile plays at your face,
This day gone, sleep’s won the race.

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He said he could see through me

Oh, how my heart does beat,

My breath, staccato, as he draws near

His touch is like fire, a scorching heat

Closing in on one another

His lips pressing against my own

Passion, sparking between us

As our bodies start to moan

Beads of sweat, like morning dew

Exude from mingling pores

Never sated, a devouring hunger

All that we needed was more



©2016 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay

Under October’s Sun


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It carries the voices

Of souls cast aside

Spirits, now fallen

In a timely suicide

We watch as they spiral

Then die, one by one

Detached and free falling

Under October’s sun

Yet, they fear not their destiny

As they whirl and they soar

Swept away, once again

With the wind’s mighty roar



©2016 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay