When the Storm is Raging – #poetry – #SeptemberWriting


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Fingers crawling, cross the sky
Grasping shadows, as they fly
Without care, they go awry

In the darkness, lights, adorning

When at last, the dawn of day
Awakens where it longs to play
It’s decided, it cannot stay

Gone quickly, before morning

Yet, to return, and start anew
Fingers twisted, turned, askew
And we know not what to do

Its evil deeds, suborning

Alas, the storm, is surely we
And we watch, but never see
What has become, of you, and me

Best to heed its warning


September Writing Prompt – #25 When the storm is raging

©2020 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by WikimediaImages from Pixabay

In a Class All Her Own – #poetry – #SeptemberWriting


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By the look on her face, in this empty space
Feelings of sorrow must fill this place
No one around, on this hardened ground
Echoing footsteps, nary making a sound

What was once here, no longer clear
She watched how easily, it could disappear
Held on til the end, body broke, didn’t bend
Perhaps it is better to merely pretend

But joy did fade, when it should have stayed
Mind games, something they always played
Gone, is the time, remembered, sublime
Knocked down, sadly, before her prime

Unable to stand, not what she had planned
Longing for the life, she once held so grand
Photos on the wall, surely tell it all
Faded, with memories, her rise to her fall

In a class all her own, no history sown
Worthless,  dejected, left there alone
Ballerina dance! Pointed toes, pure romance
Heartbroken, never given the chance…


September Writing Prompt – #22 In a class all her own

©2020 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

Passing Hours – #poetry – #heartbreak


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Hard to believe you’re gone three months already….miss you more every day.  Love you, Mom ❤ …til we see each other again.

Passing the hours, thinking
How could this be?
So much left to do, yet
You’re not here with me.

Life is a funny thing, really
It catches you off guard
But you find, you can’t laugh
Why is it, life’s so hard?

Days all muddled together
Feels like I’m stuck in a hole
Shoveling dirt out of my brain
Is beginning to take its toll

It’s not too long til I’m 60
Though I find no reason to celebrate
The days just aren’t the same
Since you left, on that June date

But you would tell me otherwise
Life is worth living, you’d say
Try as I might, the sorrow is real
And tomorrow, just another day


©2020 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo ©Alyssa Duclos – All Rights Reserved

Shattered Pieces – #poetry – #God


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Shards of crystal prisms fly
Broken pieces, its time to die
Left, an empty shell, I cry

Impossible to put back together

Trying to do too many things
Mind elsewhere, disaster brings
Oh, how I wish that I had wings

To escape this stormy weather

Funny, how life keeps its pace
As tears still stain this aging face
I pray to God for saving grace

Please, free me from this tether

Let me float among the clouds
Spread my wings, and cry aloud
My voice, be heard, no longer shroud

My heart, soars, light as a feather

For He does take my feeble hand
Grasps it tightly, a feeling, grand
“Know now, this is what I’ve planned
Fear not, child, the days will get better.”


©2020 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved

Sadness ~ an #acrostic – #poetry


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S adistic, toying with emotions

A nger settles in, for the night

D isbelief is not far behind

N eedless, self-deprecation in sight

E asing its way, borne of the dark

S unset, selfishly, brings about tears, I am

S ecretly drowning, in my own plight


©2020 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by ✅ Kristianus Kurnia from Pixabay