Intensified ~ #poetry of a #storm


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She is the storm, throughout the night

As thunder roars, and skies turn white

Blissfully wreaks havoc, among the calm

Yes, this is her fire, her soothing balm

Scatters herself, with ice, snow and rain

Eyes of fury, a heart, filled with disdain

No chance to stop this deadly spree

She thrives on it, tis her malady

And just when you think she, at last, subsides

She returns, with an anger, more intensified


Author’s note:  Dedicated to the last three Nor’easter’s with number four arriving tomorrow!!  Someone, please, make them stop!

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0

Restless in Daylight ~ #poetry #MarchWriting


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Daylight finds me restless
I’d rather it be night

When moon shines down upon me
And I bathe within his light

The softness of his moonbeams
Cry out for me, in the dark

It is he, I answer willingly
In my soul, there is a spark

One that makes me fervent
For the wee hours to arrive

Here, I find my solitude
It’s when I come alive


March Writing Prompt:  Antsy Pantsy – Day 19/31

Poem and Photo ©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved

Patience ~ #shortstory #life


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There was a certain calm among the forest inhabitants. The woods seemed more patient this morning than ever before. There wasn’t the usual scurrying of critters foraging for food. Not even the leaves were rustling in the breeze. There was none. Everything was at a standstill. No chirps from the birds, no croaks from the frogs, just quiet. It was a peaceful and tranquil feeling, one I surely had never felt before.

I thought about calling out, but instead began to tread carefully, trying to step over the leaves as to not break the silence. As I walked, I discovered a light coming from a clearing. Moving slowly, I entered the area with trepidation. There, I saw the creatures of the forest, gathered together, soaking in the light. Watching them, it seemed as if they were meditating. It was then I realized they had stopped what they were doing, for that old proverbial saying, “to smell the roses”.

I sat myself down on a rock, and finally closing my eyes, I enjoyed the quiet. Seems I had found my patience. Perhaps, it has been here, all this time.


The Daily Post: Patience

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0

The Bench ~ #poetry of an #oldtree


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Hi there, do you remember me?
I was once that big old tree

The one that grew so very tall
Or was it you were very small?

I love that I still have a purpose
And didn’t wind up in a furnace!

A piece, which makes me feel worthwhile
So you can come and sit and smile

When you rest your weary feet
Upon my very sturdy seat

I sigh, when people look at me, from afar
Do they see me, or not know where they are?

But I would like to see you here
To be my friend, oh, won’t you, dear?

Come on now, please don’t be afraid
I won’t break, it’s not how I’m made

I’m strong, like that other tree
The one that even looks like me

Perhaps one day, he too will find
He has a purpose, just like mine

But til he does, it’s just me, you see
Sitting in the park, with my family


Photo and Poem ©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved

Famous in the Making ~ #poetry #MarchWriting


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Tell me, dear human, why you did this to me
Didn’t you know, how embarrassed I’d be?

Dyed like an Easter egg, pink, purple and blue
I wonder how you’d feel, if I did this to you

People all gawking, snickering, as I go by
Right now, deep inside, I wish I could cry

But wait, what’s this, my picture, they’re taking
I’m a tie-dyed poodle, famous, in the making!

Never mind what I said about being embarrassed
I’ll be hopping the next flight, for my debut in Paris


March Writing Prompt:  Pink Poodles – Day 18/31

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0