Another Milestone ~ Thank you!


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Hello friends.  I have been lax lately in checking in on my blog.  I usually just go to the reader from my phone, never thinking to check my stats.  Last night, while scheduling my poem for this morning, I decided to take a peek.

Boy, did that bring a smile to my face!!  5000+ followers!!  I can’t thank you all enough, for sticking with me through a very rough time (I’m getting there), and to all the new folks who decided I was good enough to read again.  I appreciate all of you!

With Much Love,


Bittersweet Memories ~ Saying Goodbye – #poetry


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How bittersweet the memories stay
Wasn’t I a child just yesterday?
Laughing in the yard, where I’d play
But the grass is no longer mine

Momma made this house her own
In turn this was the place I’d grown
Now these moments are mine alone
Kept tucked inside my heart, I pine

I try to focus, but I just stare
No pictures hang, the walls are bare
Each one removed with utmost care
Those empty hooks, left behind

I close the door, in my stomach, a pit
On those front steps, never again will I sit
I never thought I’d be so hard hit
Perhaps this was all by design, that

I find myself grown up, too fast
I want to go back, relive the past
But seems my future has been cast
So in my soul, this place, I enshrine

How I looked up to you with nothing but love
Now you watch over me from Heaven above.

I miss you so very much, Mom…


Authors Note – Today I close on my childhood home.  It will be the last time I walk the hallways & smile at the memories, so I shall cry at the finale.

©2021 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by rafaelmm from Pixabay

Wait Another Day – #poetry #mylife


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The pen is dry,
The ink, disappeared
The last line on the page
So imperfectly smeared

Clumsy fingers,
Gnarled and bent
No longer hold words
Forgotten lament

Countless hours wasted
All, for a couple of thoughts
Illegible, at best
Oh, but it was for naught

She poured her heart out
Every broken, shattered piece
The pain and anguish
Gave this child no release

Another place, perhaps
She may have found her way
But not in this realm of torture
She’d have to wait another day


©2021 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by Anja🤗🙏 from Pixabay

Seems like forever…


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Since I’ve been here….

Good morning, friends.  I just wanted to stop in and say hello and tell you how much I miss all of you and your wonderful posts.  I was hoping to be back full time at the start of 2021 but once again, life got in the way.

I am in the process of selling my mom’s home, the very home I grew up in, and am having a most difficult time with all of it.  Because of this, and my mom’s passing last June, I haven’t had the desire to sit down and write.  I’ve put out a few poems, here and there, but nothing is striking a cord with me right now.  I’m sure, eventually, I will find my way back.

As some of you might know, I am also an Independent LuLaRoe Retailer and that also, has me crazy busy.  A little personal plug here – We are currently holding a Fundraiser for Sjogren’s Syndrome until January 24th.  It’s an autoimmune disease my daughter was diagnosed with in 2012. We are trying to raise awareness about this horrid condition.  A portion of every sale goes to the organization and LuLaRoe matches that amount.  So, if you desire a new shirt, sweater, jacket, etc, even the men, please do consider shopping online with us. (USA Only).  The website is

Have a blessed and peaceful Sunday.  I hope all is well in your neck of the woods, or over the pond.


Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2020. I wish I could say it’s been grand but honestly, you sucked.

My wish for all of you, my friends, is a year filled with happiness, love and dreams coming true, that you never, again, have to know sadness and loss. May 2021 be the year we all join together in peace. Have a blessed New Year!!

Much Love, Dorinda