Forsaken – #poetry


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Sun sets and moon glows, over water
Sitting on the dock, alone, a daughter

Forgotten child, hides from the light
Pondering, what to do, this night

Ocean calms, a heart beats fast
She makes a decision, final, the last

He left her standing at the altar
Tears flowing, like a sea of salt
Her body sank, her legs did falter
Knowing, in her heart, it was her fault

Moon sets and sun glows bright
Morning, does quietly awaken
Left, an umbrella, no one in sight
For her, love is now, eternally forsaken…


©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo: Pixabay

Trick or Treat Tree – #poetry – #witch – #Halloween


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The crows were squawking, as loud as could be
My sister and I, were hiding, by the old tree
The witch, with her lantern, looking all around
I whispered to sister, “Now don’t make a sound!”

“I know you’re here” said the witch to the air
“I sense your presence, I feel your despair!”
Silly old hag, surely you couldn’t know why
Two little girls would want, on you, to spy

But the witch did know, and it was plain to see
Sister and I were trapped, no way to get free!
The vines from the tree, slithering like a snake
Wrapping themselves around us, no way we could break

It seems we were tricked, by our own curiosity
Caught in the woods, no treat, this monstrosity
We knew we overstepped, but what could we do?
So we jumped out from behind, and simply yelled, BOO!

“What a treat!” said the witch, who couldn’t help but smile
“Do come in, sit, and chat with me, for a while.”
But we knew better, pleading, “please let us leave here”
“Ha! It’s too late for that!” she said with a sneer

With a hiss from her lips, she warned, once again
“For now, you’re alive, but you will feel my bane
When ghosts come a calling, and crows circle high
It’s your time to leave, without saying goodbye…”


©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo: Pixabay

Tea Time Talk – #24 ~ #TeaTimeTalk


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Good afternoon, friends. My goodness, it’s been a long time since I’ve had you over for tea.  Thanks for being patient, while I got my act together.  It’s been a long journey, and I won’t bore you with the details, but I’m hoping to be back at it now.  It’s raining, the perfect weather for a nice hot cup of tea.  Won’t you sit awhile, sip and chat, with me?

(This series will return to its normal 8AM Sunday time slot next week)


If we were sipping tea and talking I would tell you: my blog turned SIX yesterday.  I completely forgot about it, until WordPress reminded me.  I can’t believe it’s been six years already.  I love this community, and hope to continue on for many years to come!!  Thank you all for making this possible in my little corner of the blogisphere.  ❤

If we were sipping tea and talking I would tell you: we got to go play with Stella and Layla, the two chihuahua’s Lys was sitting for.  You might remember Stella from awhile back.  She’s hubby’s favorite little pup.  Look to the left, and you can see Layla’s ear.  She was sitting on Alyssa! lol

Neil & Stella, chilling, watching the Yankee game.

If we were sipping tea and talking I would tell you: how sad I am that my beloved Yankees didn’t make the World Series.  So, baseball season is over for  me, but I will be quietly rooting for the Washington Nationals to win it all!

If we were sipping tea and talking I would tell you: how good it feels to be writing again.  I am taking it slowly, and you may find I take a few days to answer your comments.  I’m sorry, but there are days I am not on my computer or WordPress, at all.  I’ll catch up.  I promise!

If we were sipping tea and talking I would tell you: I went to church today.  This is the first time since the middle of July.  I was greeted by so many hugs.  It was so nice to see everyone, again!! And I finally felt myself relax.  I know it’s because I was in the house of our Lord, and He had me no matter what.  It’s truly the way I got through this illness, I prayed, every chance I had.  He listened.  God is so good.

If we were sipping tea and talking I would tell you: the autumn colors are really starting to pop around my neighborhood.  I love the golden yellows, russets and oranges, green and browns, of the leaves.  This is my favorite season, and I’m always sad to see it go.  I am NOT a fan of winter. Brrrrr!


As for the week ahead:

If we were sipping tea, basking in the sun and talking I would tell you: it will be a quiet one for me.  I am still recuperating, and not rushing into anything.  But I’m so happy to be feeling human again!! Until next week…

Alien Charms – #DoubleEtheree – #poetrychallenge


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Colleen’s poetry challenge for this week is a photo prompt!!  Check out Colleen’s blog to find which forms of poetry are acceptable for this challenge.  Have fun!

Was his way
To play the flute
Aside the river
Made snake rise, mesmerized
But, what no one really knew
Was this rather odd creature’s guile
Had the power to transform serpent
Into a beautiful flower, tis then,
Unable to conjure up his evil
Snake realized, he was being played
For a fool, for he could not see
A trace of his reflection
As only the lake showed
The exquisiteness
Held in the sounds


Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 148 #SynonymsOnly

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0

Stumble – #poetry – #WOTD


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I walked upon a crooked path,

Along a winding road

Across the way I spied,

A very odd looking toad

He stared at me as I went by,

I’m sure I heard him grumble,

“These humans have no grace at all”,

As I begin to stumble

Surely, he had no way of knowing,

I would trip and fall

Loudly, he laughed, as he looked at me,

Imagine the nerve! What gall!

I righted myself, and bid him good day,

Again, I heard him croak

“These people”, he said rather gruffly,

“Are really quite the joke.”

How rude, I thought, as I walked on,

Just who does he think he is?

Croaking again, he snidely replied,

“It’s really none of your biz!”



Word of the Day Challenge – Stumble

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo: Pixabay