My Saving Grace – #dark #poetry


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I burn, with the edge of the forest,

Alight like embers, glowing bright.

I choke on the air, acrid and sharp,

Enveloping my being, diminishing sight.

I cry, in the loneliness,

A forlorn and forgotten face.

I escape, into the darkness,

It is always my saving grace.

It pounds, my head feels shattered,

Must they always take it out on me?

They laugh, my heart, in tatters,

This is not how I want life to be.

Turned away from the reality and madness,

I seek the truth in an often oddly way.

No one ever really understands me,

And so my soul, in totality, does decay.

Explain to me the reasons, perhaps,

Do you even know why you choose?

To scoff and belittle, torment and betray,

Unloving, you continue to abuse.

I shall no longer allow this, I can’t

It’s torn my body, limb from limb

I’ve allowed you too many chances,

The end result was always too grim.

Be gone, thy demon, take haste and depart

I must save what remains, of this empty, broken heart…


©2022 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Not the Only One – #poetry #NaPoWriMoj


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For Neil 😉

The trail ahead, it looks so long
My legs aren’t really very strong
Perhaps, this plan might be wrong
But I will try it, come what may

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Easy Times – #poetry #Shadorma #NaPoWriMo


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Sunset sail

Golden waters shine


Easy times

The wind blowing through my hair

Lets me know freedom


©2022 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by highkeyimpact from Pixabay

The Tennessee Poet – In Memory of Walt Page #poetry #NaPoWriMo


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Friends…for those of you who may not know, we lost a very dear friend in our poetry/WordPress community.  Those of us who had the privilege of knowing Walt Page, will always remember him as a kind and passionate man.  Walt passed away in March of this year.  Please keep his wife and sons in your prayers as well as his furry buddies, of which he had many.

A man full of heart
From the land of Tennessee
Words flowed from his pen
Explaining life, to a tee

Love for his wife,
His pups and his home
Around his land, his pride
Each day he would roam

We’d laugh over things
Our talks, I’ll never forget
That I didn’t get to say goodbye
Will always be my regret

I called him Sir Walt
And to him, I, Lady D
A knight in shining armor
To me, he’ll always be

So, thanks for the fun we had
You’re missed, hope you know it
Heaven has a new Angel
He’s “The Tennessee Poet”

Rest In Peace, Dear Friend.
Walt Page – March 2022