It’s been awhile…


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…since I’ve actually sat down in front of my computer, put my hands on the keyboard and written anything.  Yes, there have been the occasional poems, but those are spur of the moment decisions, or long pondered ones which needed a voice.  I am determined to get back on track, as soon as the rest of my life cooperates.

Looking forward to coming back full force, and back in my happy place.

Hope you are all well amid this Covid19 lock-down, and now civil unrest in the states.  We need peace…we need love…we need each other…


Tiny Voices Unheard – #poetry of #lost #children – #childabuse


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This poem is based loosely on true facts.  It has been eating at me for some time now, and so I’ve put it into words. Child abuse is not just physical,, it is emotional.  We must lift our children UP, never tear them down, lest they become the bully.

He cries, all he wants is his trike
She yells, so coarsely, berating
He wonders, “Is this what life is like?”
She sneers at him, a look, so deprecating

“Daddy! Push me on the swing”
She sighs, he’s much too busy
Playing around with gardening things
Disturbed, he hollers, in a tizzy

Tiny minds, developing,
Inside a hardened home
Why bother having children,
If they mess you up?
Surely, they will stray,
Find comfort when they roam
Eventually becoming parents
Neither worthy of a pup

Silence looms, across the neighborhood
Except the noise, coming from that house
Chastising, loudly, they shout for no good
Instead of being happy, all they do is grouse

Still, two tiny beings, afraid to say a word
Sit and stare, each dreading what’s to come
For even if they speak, they aren’t even heard
To their parent’s evil, eventually, they’ll succumb


©2020 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Our Little Nest – #poetry


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I’ve brought a tasty morsel
Thought you deserved a treat
I know it’s been quite awhile
Since you’ve had some to eat

I found this little worm
Hanging freely, from a tree
Grabbed him, as I flew by
It’s dinnertime, you see!

No need to set the table
This is only meant for two
Pretty soon, we’ll have to share
When greeting our new crew!

Ah, Mama Bird, how proud I am
To call this place our home
Here, we’ll raise a family
And never shall we roam

And though the kids will leave us
While I know, it’s for the best
I will stay here, by your side
You and me, in our little nest


©2020 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

She Knows Not Defeat – #poetry – #MayWriting


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Pensive, with a subtle gleam in her eye

Shadowed, only, by the moon in the sky

In darkness, she roams, no path in sight

Taking flight, into the obsidian night

On a journey, no boundaries to halt her

Gliding, seeking, you cannot fault her

Searching for dreams, she will discover

Over the lands, as mighty wings hover

Swooping down, talons fierce, do clasp

With quiet dominance, she holds her grasp

Capturing prey, she is driven, a hunger

For now, only wishing, she was much younger

When trips through the dark, she didn’t tire

A spring in her step, her soul, raging fire

At times, she is distant, feels incomplete

Still the spark in her eye, shows she knows not defeat


May Writing Prompt – Fight on fighter

©2020 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

True Love ~ A Mother’s Day Poem – #MothersDay2020


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I wrote this in 2014 and have shared it the past few of years. It has now become my traditional Mother’s Day Poem.  For all the beautiful women who bring joy and love to a child’s heart, have a blessed and beautiful day!!  This will be a hard day for some of us, not being able to see our mom’s.  Thank goodness for the internet!! ❤

A mother’s love is true

For it beautifully blossoms

Like a rose, softly unfolding,


Opening the heart,

Nurturing the soul

©2014 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo: Pixabay