Images and Artwork

The following artists/photographers have given permission, whether per image or carte blanche, to use their works, in writing my poems.  Please note:  There is no financial gain from anyone listed below.  I am simply sharing their beautiful works with everyone else who visits.

To say I am grateful to them is putting it mildly.  Please visit their websites.  You’ll be glad that you did 🙂


Jonathan Duclos –





D. B. Donnelly Deuxiepeau

Alyssa Duclos Photos by We

Rich FinckRich Finck Pics

Belinda Goddard – Busy Mind Thinking


Trini LindThe Paths of the Spirit

Ben MichalskiBig Bang Images

Paul MilitaruPaul Militaru Photography – CC0 Public Domain – Free images -No attribution required

Rich ProctorRich Proctor

Rajeev Virmani – Rajeev Virmani Photos



Brian Amento

Rainy Kotran-Husby

Chris Jaeger – Follow on Instagram @chrisjaeger

Erika Kind – Erika Kind