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Passages and Paths – A Journey of Life through Poetry

passpathbookcoverfrontIn the ‘Journey of Life through Poetry’, Dorinda invites you to join her, as the wonder and awe of the Earth inspires her, bringing her visions to you through her poetry. Experience the setting sun, share in the challenges and victories of life, await the new day, and find yourself lost in the lush forest trees, as you join her on her journey, through Passages and Paths.

Available in paperback:

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A Flight of Imagination – Spirit of Fantasy

BookCoverPreviewSpiritfront.doEnchant your heart with the mystical beings of the forest, while you dance with magical fairies and unicorns, fly with the spirits in the mists and  open your imagination to the wonders of fantasy.  Let Dorinda’s poetry inspire you to dream about far off places, let it carry you away!!

This book, “Spirit of Fantasy” is the third book, completing the trilogy of “A Flight of Imagination”

Available in Paperback:




How Shall I Dream – A Collection of Poetic Musings

A Collection of delicate poetry infused with the softness of quiet morning, the magic of beguiling moonlight, and the mystery of that sweet soft hush that falls just before dreams alight. Serenade your senses with Dorinda’s lyrical poetry and discover the enchantment of imagination for yourself.

Available in Paperback:

Kindle –




A Flight of Imagination ~ Illusion of Fantasy (Book Two)


A Flight of Imagination – Illusion of Fantasy is the second in this poetry trilogy set. Get lost in castles, dance with pixies and fly with fairies.

Available in Paperback:

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Pieces of Life – A Poetry Collection


Pieces of Life is a collection of poetry that takes your senses through the crisp Autumn air into the passionate season of Love, with a little levity in between.

Available in Paperback –

Kindle –





A Flight of Imagination – Realm of Fantasy (Book one)


Journey into the Realm of Fantasy, where Dragon, Elf, Sprite and Magical, Mystical beings open up your mind and your imagination.

Available in Paperback –

Kindle –




Marrow of the Soul – A Collection of Poetry from the Heart

MOTScoverimageDorinda shares her feelings, with her poetry, about life, love, fantasy, reality & nature. This is her second book of poetry.

“My poetry reflects life, mostly my life, and I hope you find yourself somewhere in there, too.” ~ Dorinda




Night Owl Poetry ~ Musings of the Night Owl Poet

NOPcoveramazonPoet and author Dorinda Duclos shares her life experiences and thoughts, with you, through her poetry. In this book, you’ll find love, life, fantasy, fiction, sorrow and happiness. A vast view of one woman’s vision of the world surrounding us.


Kindle –






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  2. When you have a minute….I would LOVE for you to see my collection of Fairy Cloths…they are on one of my Pinterest Boards….Fairy Garden
    They are flippin wonderful
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