My Favorites from Other Authors

I’ll be adding links, to the poetry/prose, I find along my way, that touches my heart, and awakens my soul.  I hope you’ll give them a click and find them as inspiring as I do  ❤

In no specific order, they are:

Self Portrait ~ Caffeinated Ramblings (Brenda)

There is a sense of oldness ~ The Paths of the Spirit (Trini Lind)

I Say That I Lost You ~ Brave and Reckless (Christine)

Distant Glow ~ Syl65’s Blog (Sylvester)

Reminiscing ~ The Reluctant Poet (Charles)

Bully ~ Poesy plus Polemics (Paul Lenzi)

The Urge ~ arwenaragornstar (Nathalie)

Langsyne ~ Oldest Daughter & Red headed Sister (Audrey)

Song of the Season ~ Deuxiemepeau (Damien)

Arthur’s Seat ~ Poesy Plus Polemics (Paul Lenzi)

A Hidden Place ~ Rob Taylor, Writer. Photographer

Seen ~ Richard M. Ankers, Author

1 ~ Syl65’s Blog (Sylvester Anderson)

Radiance ~ The Feathered Sleep (Candice Louisa Daquin)

Racism’s Green Thumb ~ As it Comes (Anita Lubesh)

You are beautiful ~ My Valiant Soul (Devika)

Inspired By A Mountain Stream ~ Walt’s Writings (Walt Page)

C/reator ~ Original Dante (Michael)

Dreaming with Luna ~ Forgotten Meadows (Neha)

Short but Bittersweet ~ Maranda Russell

Eternity In A Moment ~ The Wayward Warrior (Robin McShane)

Artistic Loneliness ~ Maranda Russell

my thoughts ~ Leonard Durso

The Rustling ~ Richard M. Ankers

A Date with You, Dear Reader (Part 1) ~ O.D.

Unconquerable ~ Flawed Pearls

A Land Called Everdream ~ Walt’s Writings (Walt Page)

Dust ~ Rob Taylor – Writer

Sleepless blue nights ~ The Paths of the Spirit (Trini Lind)

Charged ~ Reflections on Existence (M.G. Iannucci)

Time Out ~ Seasonings (Betty Hayes Albright)

Intimate Endeavours ~ Afterwards (Michael)

Dear Heart ~ Forgotten Meadows (Neha)


More to come!  ❤