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The lovely Helene of Willow Poetry has challenged us with “What do you See?”.  You may write a poem, haiku, tanka or short story that represents what you see or feel within you.  More info can be found in the link below.

Hidden deep, underneath, the crystal chandelier

A place so full of wonder, some say you’ll disappear

Into other’s imaginations, and places of unknown

Perhaps you’ll even find yourself, sat upon a throne

Oh, the many places, a book or two, will take you

Inside, secrets held, which perchance, could wake you

Watch the crystal ball, as it spins its magical spell

What happens next, friends, you simply cannot quell

Mystery and power, oh! And dragons, dance in rhyme

Guaranteed, I have no doubt, you’ll have a marvelous time!

So, step inside my parlor, grab a seat there, on the floor

And I’ll tell you about the library, a place you will adore


©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Willow Poetry – What do you See?