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Join me every day at Noon EST for the continuing adventures of the bungling detective, N. Owl, in her quest to bring the mastermind, ~M, to justice!  If you’ve  missed any episodes, you can find them HERE!

Making my getaway only proved more of hazard than a Godsend. Walt floored the gas pedal to get us away from there as fast as possible. I think I left my stomach about a mile or so back. Actually, it felt more like death dangling in front of me. It didn’t matter, though. The police were coming up fast, siren’s getting louder as they gained on us. Making a sharp turn, Walt pulled in to a parking garage, turned off the car, and we ducked out of sight. The cars whizzed right by us. Pfft, dopes.

Catching my breath, I thanked Walt for his bravery, and said we should split up. This way, even if they did catch up to us, we wouldn’t both be thrown in jail. I had had enough of it already, and didn’t want a repeat performance. Looking around, I exited the car and began walking. I had no idea where I was heading, until I found myself smack in front of ~M’s house. I’ll never learn.

Looking up, I could see a young girl’s head peeking through the curtain. I was guessing it was ~M’s littlest one. I had seen her by the window before. I had to be on the lookout for her older daughter. If one was in the house, the other was out, and that made me nervous. And where was ~M? I continued walking, hoping the little girl didn’t see me. Silly me. These were ~M’s girls. Of course she saw me. Not to mention I was the only one on the street.

I threw my hands up in the air, as if in defeat, and smiled. The front door opened, and the youngest made her way down the path. I waited until she got close enough to me, and then put my hand up to stop her. She did, with a very quizzical look on her face. There was no denying she was ~M’s. I imagined it was how ~M looked at this age. An ever scheming mind hidden in a veil of innocence.

“Where’s your mother?” I asked.

“She’s not home” she replied. “She’s out with my sister. You can wait inside if you like.”

I wasn’t falling for that. I shook my head no, and proceeded, “I know you know who I am, and that I’ve been after your mom for some time now.” She nodded. “But I need to find her and bring her to justice. She can’t keep getting away with these challenges of hers. It’s causing perpetual pandemonium! And those poor pigeons. They’ve be deplumed! (Is that a word?). I’ve been down cobblestone passages, gotten stuck in a parade, dealt with a firebug, lost track of time, had to move mutts and a pesky milkman, and deal with a food fight consisting of lemon mush! I’m exhausted. Please, ask her to come out.”

The little girl looked amused, turned on her heels and went back into the house. It felt like an eternity had passed and still no sign of ~M. I imagined the three of them were in there, laughing away. And I wouldn’t blame them. They had outsmarted my crew and me over and over again. The only thing left was to plead my case and hope for the best. I didn’t get it. A loud roar from the back of the house indicated something was happening. Suddenly, a helicopter was hovering above me, with no other than ~M at the controls. Damn, she’s a pilot, too? That was the end. They waved goodbye and the bird was gone in a whoosh, and a crap load of dirt, flying everywhere, that sent me toppling backwards and plum on my ass. Serves me right.

I picked myself up, booked my flight home and waited for the bashing of a lifetime. I figured my days at the bureau were over. And once again, I was wrong. Chief was waiting for me when I landed, congratulated me for making it back alive, and said “see ya in the morning.” Apparently, other agents hadn’t been so lucky. Even though I had failed the task put before me, he didn’t let me go. Breathing in a welcome breath of air, and sneezing my brains out (I’ll never learn), I headed home. By this time, I realized I was really pooped from all the running around. I chased after a woman who had no intentions of ever being caught. Still…

~M was good, but not that good. Even though she took off with the girls, she left behind the one thing she was never without. Her plume. I knew she’d be back for it, and I’d be waiting for her, but this time, on my turf.


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July Writing Prompt – Death Dangled – Day 30/31

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