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Join me every day at Noon EST for the continuing adventures of the bungling detective, N. Owl, in her quest to bring the mastermind, ~M, to justice!  If you’ve  missed any episodes, you can find them HERE!

One of the best parts about staying in a lovely hotel is always the Continental Breakfast. This place was no different, although they offered more than the usual fare of Danish and coffee. I made my way to the buffet, checking the hallway as I exited my room. You can’t be too careful, you know. ~M could be anywhere and I didn’t want to be caught in the elevator without backup. Coast clear, off I went.

I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t find the crew at breakfast. After the lemon debacle last night, I doubted they would even want breakfast. I had a chance to gather my thoughts and enjoy a nice cup of coffee without someone chattering in my ear. Of course, that didn’t last long at all. Mildred was the first one down. She looked green. I offered her a croissant, and I do believe she turned an even darker shade of green. Oh dear. This was not going to be a good day. I couldn’t wait to see the rest of them.

One by one, they filtered into the dining room. Cory and Fred went for dry toast, Michael grabbed a roll and some meats, and then thought twice, and joined the other two men with the dry toast. I couldn’t help but smile, watching them flop down, like they had been up all night, burning the midnight oil. I’m sure they had been up, but there was no oil involved. Penelope, as usual, was pouting, complaining to the others that they had ruined her night. She was the same shade of green as Mildred. I waited, as they got their toast, and the ladies had tea, before I laced into them about their behavior.

Walt. Where the heck was Walt? I asked the others, but they all had that confused look on their faces. No one knew where he was. I prayed he wasn’t up to his fiery deeds. I don’t think I could handle another one of those. I signaled for the bellhop, and asked if he would be so kind as to check on the gentleman in room ### (still not telling). He nodded and said he would be back soon. Upon returning, he informed me the room had not been slept in and there was no one inside. Walt’s belongings were there, but he wasn’t. This had me really worried. Could ~M have gotten to him without us knowing?

I couldn’t eat anymore, and by the looks of things, the others wanted nothing more than to get away from the food. My tirade would have to wait.  Now, not only did we have to find ~M, we also had to find Walt. I hoped we would before it was too late.


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July Writing Prompt – Abstemious intentions – Day 27/31

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