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Before getting off the elevator, in order to find some peace, I managed to get in that we should all meet for dinner at 7PM that evening. I remembered reading earlier, as I passed the hotel restaurant, they had a special dessert on the menu, lemon tarts. From the picture, they looked like they were in the shape of hearts. How cute. I was pretty sure I would have more than one. Before and after dinner. Always eat dessert first. As a friend once told me, if you do it this way, you can never be too full for the sweets. I’d pass on a salad any day.

I was able to relax a bit before having to deal with them all again, so I drew a bath, popped in some bubbles and allowed myself to float away to nowhere. Before long, my alarm went off, and begrudgingly, I lifted myself out of the tub, grabbed a towel and made my way into the main room. I had about an hour before heading down, so I sat at the small desk and jotted down notes about what had happened so far. We had less than a week left, and we may have been a smidge closer to revealing ~M’s scheme, but not close enough for me.

I closed my room door, made sure it was locked, and made my way to the elevator, hoping I would miss the others. No such luck. They all seemed to appear at once. So we piled in and off to dinner we went. Once seated, we studied the menu and decided on our appetizers. Hey, an agent’s gotta eat to keep up with the bad guys, right? I ordered a lemon tart. Again with the faces. What is it with this group? I explained, and they all thought it was a wonderful idea. So instead of appetizers, we had dessert! Now it was the waiter who was giving me strange looks. I had to laugh.

Seven lemon tarts, yes, shaped like hearts, were brought to the table. I wanted to savor mine, so I took my sweet time nibbling away at the tangy dessert. The others ate like they hadn’t in days, and before I knew it, were ordering more tarts. Michael ordered two dozen for the table. So much for dinner. I can honestly say, after one tart, I was good for a nice steak, but not these birds. They were grabbing at the tarts. It almost looked like a food fight, with globs of lemon flying everywhere. I let them go. I had no desire to participate in this free for all. I waved for the waiter and ordered my steak. He asked about the rest, I shrugged and sent him on his way.

When they had finished their dessert, none, I mean, none, wanted to even look at food. Michael and Penelope were moaning and holding their stomachs. Mildred, Cory and Fred were asking for a glass of seltzer to calm theirs and Walt… Walt? Now where did that man go off to? I could only hope it was the men’s room. I, on the other hand, had just finished a splendid sirloin, perfectly cooked and smothered in a divine mushroom sauce. Looking around, I shook my head, got the check, and escorted them back to their rooms to recuperate. As for Walt, I still didn’t know where he was, and that worried me.

Flopping on my bed, I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. Tomorrow would prove to be a hectic day. Time was running out. I had to get to ~M once and for all.


Stay tuned for more from this crime solving wordsmith…


July Writing Prompt – Lemon tarts shaped like hearts – Day 26/31

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