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Finally getting back to the hotel, I now had to figure out how to get Michael into the lobby. I spotted Walt and Cory and called to them for help. They meandered over, and seeing Michael in the front seat, gave me an awkward look. I sighed, then explained who he was and how he tired himself running after my car, blah, blah, blah, and would they PLEASE help me instead of jumping to conclusions! Both faces flushed and they proceeded to drag the agent from the car, both holding him up on their shoulders.

Michael stirred enough to acknowledge the desk clerk, with Walt interjecting it had been a rough night for the boys. Whatever. While waiting for the elevator, Fred rolled in and came over to see what all the fuss was. Learning we had a new agent on the team did not sit well with him at all. I knew how he felt. At that moment, Mildred and Penelope entered the lobby and squeals came out of Pouty’s mouth. Hearing them jolted Michael from his comatose state and he grinned a mile wide. I’m guessing they know each other.

Before I could say anything, the two of them were jabbering back and forth. What they were saying, I have no idea. Between the Aussie accent and the Queen’s English, it was total pandemonium.  I was a goner. I’m lucky I understand half the American’s I deal with. There was lingo flying everywhere. The most I got out of it was they were on a mission together, not long ago, one that ended poorly, I might add, and were thrilled to be partnered again. Yippee for me.

Putting that bit of info aside, I lead them all onto the elevator, pressed the button for our floor (you didn’t think I would tell you what floor, did you? What if ~M is reading this?), and watched as the doors closed. I was now stuck in a box with six loonies. I’d rather be stuck with Darth Vader, maybe, no, not really. Dear Lord, I needed a drink, but no time for that. I had to keep my head on straight. Ear plugs would have been nice, though. Elevators have a knack for echoing loud noises.


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July Writing Prompt – Perpetual Pandemonium – Day 25/31

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