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Join me every day at Noon EST for the continuing adventures of the bungling detective, N. Owl, in her quest to bring the mastermind, ~M, to justice!  If you’ve  missed any episodes, you can find them HERE!

Pouty Penelope, from Perth
An Aussie, from the other side of Earth
Was called in by the Chief
Claimed she was quite the thief
Seems he felt us, all, rather dearth

So we add this Sheila to our repertoire of tomfoolery. I’m now saddled with the three stooges, firebug Walt, and the wonder from down under. I’m not sure what I did to deserve this, but I was determined to find out!!

They called her Pouty Penelope because she pouted whenever she didn’t get her way. Good luck trying to pull that one on me. I was in charge here. So, I rounded up the troops, laid out a battle plan I had concocted the night before, and sent them on their ways, hoping, no praying, they wouldn’t get caught. Penelope didn’t like her assignment, and so, she stood in front of me, lower lip fully extended out, and waited. I glared back at her and shooed her away, but she kept standing there.

“Your pouting will not work with me” I told her. “Go on, get to your work. We have to get to ~M before she gets to us.” I reminded her. She wasn’t budging. I was so uptight from the weeks of dealing with idiots, I blew my stack, yet again. Screaming in her face, I told her to move her arse or she’d be fired. If I was trying to be discreet and not draw attention to us, I was failing miserably. This was the last thing I wanted. I waited. She got the message and off she went, mumbling something to herself. Damn accent of hers.

Now that I got rid of her, I needed to head into the lower section of town. God only knows what I’ll encounter there.


Stay tuned for more from this crime solving wordsmith…


July Writing Prompt – Pouty Penelope – Day 22/31

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0