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“Did you bring me out here to romance me? I don’t even know you!” ~M screamed above the music.

“I was hoping to have a nice dinner out here. I thought the candles would add to the atmosphere. I am a poet, a romantic. I’m sorry if I offended you, my dear lady.” Walt said, trying to find a way to calm her down. But ~M kept her distance from him, and he could feel the cold emanating off of her. He offered her a seat, on a blanket the bar had laid down, by the candles. Since there was really nothing else to do, she sat.

Walt raised his hand and a woman, dressed rather nicely considering the venue, came over to them and asked if she could get them a cocktail from the bar. The name on her tag said Sarah C. She was the manager of the place and Walt had her at his disposal. They ordered drinks and off she went.

“What about dinner?”

“I took the liberty of having something prepared for us. I hope you like my choice.”

~M looked even more upset than before. A man she did not know, took her to a place she did not know and ordered for both of them, God only knows. She sighed. The candles gave off a warm glow and she figured she might as well enjoy it. But she kept her guard up. Shortly after their drinks arrived, dinner was brought out. They were tiny meat pies adorned with roses made from the crust. Ugh, she thought, more romance from a stranger.

~M decided she would test Walt. She stuck her fork into the flaky pie crust, scooped out some of the meat filling and offered it to him. Walt was unsure what ~M was up to until he realized she was trying to see if dinner was laced with something that would knock her out. Making him eat it first would let her see she was wrong. So he took the fork from her and ate the food on it. Remarking how really good it was, he then offered her a bit of his own. She never expected what would happen next.


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July Writing Prompt – Flaky and Filling – Day 17/31

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