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In a darkened place, beside a tree
A rusted, old, antiquated jalopy
Sat with no driver, appeared empty
Not really sure how this could be

The headlights were on, beaming
Light through the fog, streaming
In the distance, someone screaming
Please wake me up, I must be dreaming!

This nightmare has gone too far
I can’t get away, from this wicked car
I’m not even sure where we are!
This whole thing is quite bizarre

Wait. What do I mean saying we?
All this time, I thought, it’s only me
I’m not really sure what it is I see
But this forest has become too creepy

Half asleep, I try to make my way back
Through the foggiest mist, in the black
Of night, where the spirits always attack
And I find myself, way off track

Fumbling around, looking for light
Not another soul, within my sight
Thank goodness, that would be a fright
If someone else, came out, in the night

Running blindly, through the wood
Flashbacks of evil, a lost childhood
I’d awaken myself, if I could
Nightmares keep you, scared, for good


©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0