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Hard to believe you’re gone three months already….miss you more every day.  Love you, Mom ❤ …til we see each other again.

Passing the hours, thinking
How could this be?
So much left to do, yet
You’re not here with me.

Life is a funny thing, really
It catches you off guard
But you find, you can’t laugh
Why is it, life’s so hard?

Days all muddled together
Feels like I’m stuck in a hole
Shoveling dirt out of my brain
Is beginning to take its toll

It’s not too long til I’m 60
Though I find no reason to celebrate
The days just aren’t the same
Since you left, on that June date

But you would tell me otherwise
Life is worth living, you’d say
Try as I might, the sorrow is real
And tomorrow, just another day


©2020 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo ©Alyssa Duclos – All Rights Reserved