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Shards of crystal prisms fly
Broken pieces, its time to die
Left, an empty shell, I cry

Impossible to put back together

Trying to do too many things
Mind elsewhere, disaster brings
Oh, how I wish that I had wings

To escape this stormy weather

Funny, how life keeps its pace
As tears still stain this aging face
I pray to God for saving grace

Please, free me from this tether

Let me float among the clouds
Spread my wings, and cry aloud
My voice, be heard, no longer shroud

My heart, soars, light as a feather

For He does take my feeble hand
Grasps it tightly, a feeling, grand
“Know now, this is what I’ve planned
Fear not, child, the days will get better.”


©2020 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved