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So cruel the tongue, where wicked flashes

The heart, so hardened, ever clashes

Without hope, they will never see

The walk they’ve chosen, cannot be

Words that maim, and actions, sunder

Evil, the soul, who has fallen under

The spell of another, who casts its stone

Yet, stands in the darkness, quite alone

Who dares not seek the light that blinds

Remains a soul, inhuman, unkind

That lashes out, when facing facts

Then denies its harsh, ungodly acts

Placing blame, on all but they

The mind, does simply go, astray

And though you try to reel them in

They choose to live this life of sin

Where evil dwells, and cruelty reigns

Held down, and forged, in heavy chains

Ones they made, from their own hate

Unknowingly, sealing, their own fate


©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo: Pixabay