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The place where silence had a voice

Called to mind, but not by choice

The one she knew, who she was

Now no clue, and just because

Her life had left her, far behind

Harsh words, unsaid, so unkind

Failed her, in her darkest hours

Waited, as her heart grew sour

No noise was heard, as she spoke

No words uttered, nor evoked

The silence, had taken her last chance

No doubt, this was not happenstance

For she knew who caused this to occur

The one they called “The Saboteur”

Silent, every word, spewed madness

Her heart, overflowed, with sadness

No way to break him, this grim reaper

She knew he’d find a way, to keep her


October Writing Prompt – The place where silence had a voice

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo: Pixabay