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This is might be a good one after we all stuffed ourselves yesterday.  LOL

Don’t know what he expected

Digging in to all that junk food

His stomach raged a war with him

It was in an extremely bad mood

Burgers and dogs, fries, and corn

Into his mouth, he kept stuffing

Barely able to catch his breath

Found himself huffing, and puffing

Next came the soda, bubbles galore

Down the hatch, in one mighty swig

Not sure how much more could fit

His stomach was growing quite big

Then, there it was, a horrendous sound

Could’ve frightened the neighbors away

A gurgling, like no one has ever heard

Someone asked him if he was okay

But, it happened again, this time he blew

Such flatulence, would likely power a jet

We couldn’t help but laugh at the poor guy

But admit it, you would laugh, too, I bet


July Writing Prompts – Battling borborygmus – Day 5/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay