I’m over at Sally’s today. She’s been digging in my archives and shared a poem I wrote about my marriage. We’ll be celebrating 34 years on the 20th. Thanks, Sallly!!! ❤️

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This is the second post from the archives of poet Dorinda Duclos…and another poem that made me smile… having met and married in six weeks… we heard the same phrase.. ‘It will never last’… Dorinda celebrates 30 years of marriage in 2015.


Thirty Years by Dorinda Duclos

They’ll never last, we heard them say
So we put them in their places
We spoke our vows and said I do
With smiles upon our faces

An elegy was written
No, this wasn’t just a rumor
Mourning the loss of his only son
My father-in-law‘s sense of humor

The guys all…

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