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While walking through the forest
I came across this hairy cluster
I wanted to look to see what it was
It took all the strength I could muster

It seemed to grow, as I approached
My imagination was in overdrive
As I got a closer look, I was sure
It was something very much alive!

Hundreds of little tentacles
Were reaching, out of the ground
As if to say, please won’t you stay?
I found this quite profound!

I managed to take a photo or two
For no longer could I loom
Then read in the paper, the very next day
About an epidemic, called the “Shroom Boom”

I took myself to the hospital
Told the nurses about my discovery
Next thing I knew, though it was a blur
I woke up in a room called recovery

Not really knowing what happened
But it really must have been humongous
I asked the doctor what all the fuss was
He said “It seems you were a fungus among us!”


July Writing Prompts – The shroom boom – Day 4/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay