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Had to warm my thumb up, get ready for the hike

Across the universe, I couldn’t take my bike

I didn’t have the money, to go by space shuttle

Besides I’d probably get lost, in between the scuttle

I needed to hitchhike, and hope I’d make it through

Or else be caught in outer space, with nothing much to do

I stood by the tower, poised and anxiously waiting

I could see my destination, this was so frustrating!

No one was coming by, all I needed was a ride

Through the door to the galaxy, far on the other side

I thought about jumping, but decided that wouldn’t do

I’d never make it off the ground, besides I liked the view

And so I stood here, pondering, I guess I’ll stay here

Look across the Milky Way, as just a mere sightseer

Perhaps, if I look closely, I may even spot Janus

Maybe then, I’ll find my way, next stop, Uranus!


May Writing Prompts – The Hitchhikers Guide to Uranus – Day 10/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay