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Colors taken from my eyes, black and white before me; memories sway under clouded skies, how I long for this to restore me. Amazed by how it still stands there, tall, though bowed in the middle, such grace; I’m pretty sure eventually, I’ll fall, while this house still stands in its place. Structured to last throughout the storms, its life perseveres, timeless; my only hope is to me, it warms, so I may cling to its fortitude, with kindness.


To follow the path of the once, so grand, the home where I grew, I return to; I no longer own this land, although, truly, I desperately yearn to. Instead, I walk the grounds at night, afraid of the light of day; tis why my world is in black and white, and how it will forever stay. Now only spirit, no mortal being, I wander throughout this home, knowing there is no one seeing, I am free to be me…and roam.


Photo via Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt – Monochrome

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