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Margaret and Mary would meet in the street

Two old biddies, though neither was sweet

Each day, a chore, they chose for the other

Which only caused them, to continually mutter

Under their breath, they’d curse out their lives

Seems they always dreamed, of being richly wives

Instead they found themselves, cleaning their mess

Same outfit, every day, same old worn out dress

Vowing once, and for all, to get justice served

They planned a great heist, for things they deserved

Each filled her pockets, with jewels, and cash, to boot

Tried to leave the mansions, stuffed to the gills with loot

Much to their chagrin, the wives caught them with the stuff

Called the cops, that’s the end, both taken, in handcuffs



May Writing Prompts – A Tale of Two Biddies – Day 7/31

Β©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay