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He invited the ladies to his little soiree
A glass of champagne he had, for all
Dazzling in gold, and silver and black
They were surely the queens of the ball

He was a ladies man, of this, no doubt
None of them could ever to resist him
Except for three ladies, mingling about
They knew the story, ere they kissed him

Money, he’d flash, just to catch their eye
Thought it the way to a woman’s heart
But not all of them, really liked this guy
They, who knew, set themselves apart

They perched themselves, on a table
Smiled, when the others walked by
Watched him, as he played Casanova
Each of the others, he left, with a sigh

But not these three well-dressed beauties
They made a pact, to not become a patsy
Leaving the ball, together, for a night of fun
Seems they couldn’t care less, about Gatsby


May Writing Prompts – The Gregarious Gatsby – Day 2/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo Via Pixabay