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January’s prompts where a fun combination of ~M and myself.  We challenged you to figure out who was who.  Did you guess?  Some of you were spot on, others, not so much!  The following poem is my finale to this month.  I’m still challenging you!  😉

Let me know, dear people, who was who, and how did you tell?

Some were done by little ole me, and the others, were by Michelle

We write in very similar ways, why, some even say we are sisters

But it’s a secret, I can’t say, only ones to know, are the misters

January, a month of prompts, blended perfectly together, by two

Beguiling or dark, whimsical or romantic, which ones did you do?

Alas, it now has come to an end, and February is calling my name

This time, it’s all up to ~M, so she’s the one you’ll have to blame!


January Writing Prompt – And completely by mistake, the switch was made – Day 31/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0