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The moments ticked away,
one last hour left, before
He’d roll over, to find her lying,
next to him, no more


Pulled out his pocket watch, checked the time, and when
He thought he had plenty of it, he fell asleep, again
Jumped straight up, panicked, brushed his hand across the bed
She was still there with him, but, he had to clear his head

Of course he could, turn back time, yes, that’s how he’d do it!

Letting out a sigh of relief, he thought he almost blew it

Quietly, he opened the watch, to expose the delicate hands
Turned them counterclockwise, and thought himself quite grand.
But then he checked the watch again, it hadn’t moved a minute!
It was then, he must have realized, there was a dead battery in it!

How did he not know this, she couldn’t leave, before he told her

But it was already too late, she was gone, he couldn’t hold her


She had her mind set, long ago, she seized the perfect chance
To leave him, she had had enough, this was her time to dance
See, she’s the one who took the battery out, he had no idea
She knew about his little tryst, with the local floozy, Sophia

No more late night playboys, this girl needed her own thrill

Donned her best, and headed out, tonight, was her time to kill.


Author’s Note:  Can you see her figure in the shape of the poem? This is called Concrete poetry or Shape poetry. (Probably seen better on a PC than a phone)  😉

January Writing Prompt – Time was running out and his watch had stopped dead – Day 26/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0