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Water drips in the shower stall, there’s no one in that room, at all; revelry, a party, who’s it for? I can’t take this anymore. What are these sounds, voices that cry, and wake the slumber from my eyes; why do they always come for me, why can’t they leave and let me be! Or in the least, invite me too, but who, indeed, I have no clue.

I’ve heard them so many times before, so I sneak across the hallway floor; but, of course, there’s no one here, another nightmare, this I fear. I try to go back to my room, but stop, to smell the sweet perfume. Who is it, they, who wreck my sleep, and cause these visions, much too deep; I think it’s how they toy with me, I ponder a moment, then disagree.

Deciding, at last, I should ignore; I go back to my bed, but leave open, the door.


Author’s Note:  based on a true incident, a somewhat nightly occurrence.

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0