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The lovely Helene of Willow Poetry has challenged us with “What do you See?”.  You may write a poem, haiku, tanka or short story that represents what you see or feel within you.  More info can be found in the link below.

Oh my, Petunia, this is just what we need

Do you think anyone will notice, if we go?

Her cat looked out, in a most curious way

Not quite sure what happened to the snow

Through the door of her dreams, lay a beach

Blue skies, white clouds, and palm trees sway

Not like back home, with the dark and drear

Where the days were nothing more than gray

The sun brightened, as they stood there in awe

Warmth filled this place, not covered in white

Surely, they wouldn’t miss them, for a short while

The one’s left back home, on that cold winter night


©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Willow Poetry – What do you See?