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The fire had long gone out
Not even a spark remained
The clock on the wall said 2AM
And she was totally drained

She leaned against the stone
Perhaps, to feel some heat
Nary could a sound be heard
Only a thrum, like a heartbeat

She stood there, daydreaming
Knowing she should go to bed
When something eerie came over her
The alcohol had gone to her head

A sweet whisper over the silence
Shook her to her very core
Afraid to look to see who was there
Quickly, she ran, for the door

Finding there was no way out
She turned around, and then
Staring back at her, over her photo
Was dearly departed Gwen!

She screamed when realized who
Then froze, right where she stood
Gwen had no reason to come to her
She knew this couldn’t be good

Poor Sadie, she thought she was finished
When she shot her, with a gun full of lead
But Gwen wasn’t finished with Sadie
She would haunt her until she was dead


December Writing Prompt – The floating orb hovered over the painting above the hearth – Day 29/31

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0