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He spent so many hours, in front of his computer
Never moved a single inch, he was a non-commuter
Tower underneath his desk, files shoved under, too
A monitor stuck on one screen, always the same view

No matter how he tried, he couldn’t make it work
Even the mouse wouldn’t move, maybe just a quirk?
What he saw in the reflection, gave him quite a scare
He had been there for so long, he stuck right to the chair

Only bones remained, although he was fully clad
Maybe he tried a new diet, it couldn’t be all bad
Still, the skeleton on the screen, stared right back at him
He had to come to grips, as he was looking rather grim

And yet, he refused to believe, it was his face, so he rejected
Blaming, yes, the cable guys, they must have disconnected
Again he checked the screen, hoping for an explanation
Was this all a simple glitch, or merely his imagination?


Moral of the story? Get off the computer and LIVE!!


December Writing Prompt – Was it a glitch or just his imagination? – Day 17/31

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0