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Would you have a moment
To help me with my wares
Won’t you stop, lend a hand
And show me that you care

I cannot seem to get a job
For my dress is frayed and worn
I think I understand just why
You look at me with scorn

You think that I am lazy
You couldn’t be more wrong
I may look like a ragged mess
But my will, is ever strong

It is not my choice to live here
Like this, each and every day
Do you really understand
Why I am this way

I have been forgotten
So I live here on the street
Please won’t you help me
Find some shoes, for my bare feet


Author’s Note: As the winter months approach, please, if you have an extra pair of gloves, or a scarf, and you see someone in need, consider an act of kindness, knowing it may never be repaid.

December Writing Prompt – Two halves of dress, frayed and worn – Day 7/31

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0 (Hats added by me)