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Join me every day at Noon EST for the continuing adventures of the bungling detective, N. Owl, in her quest to bring the mastermind, ~M, to justice!  If you’ve  missed any episodes, you can find them HERE!

Let me give you a little background on this agent I’m bringing in to apprehend ~M. He has a quirky way about him, which I think is the reason the others are not happy with my choice. He’s very conventional in his thinking, letting you know what it’s all about, but in a subtle way. He’s even taken to writing poetry and calling himself “The Tennessee Poet”. Personally, I think the man is brilliant, but he also has a dark side. I hope it stays well hidden.

He told me to meet him downtown, on Main Street, where I was sure to find him easily. When I got there, I found myself in the midst of a marching band, making its way up the middle of the roadway. Why on Earth would he want me to meet him here? I couldn’t even walk! This is such madness!! Then it occurred to me.

Looking through the marchers, I found him. There he was, in all his glory, banging away on his drums. It was a passion of his, a former musician, turned secret agent, turned poet. An interesting meld of the arts, don’t you think? I tried to wave to get his attention, but the street was packed and I couldn’t even lift my hand. There was only one thing left to do. Follow.

As I walked up the street, dodging parade goers, and kids with sticky cotton candy fingers, I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a mother and her two girls. One of them was the little girl in the room, the one with the book!! I took off after them, but was quickly disappointed when I lost them in the crowds. Finally, we hit the end of the parade route and the band was breaking apart, and going in their own direction. I waited on the sidewalk, anxious to let him know ~M was nearby.

And I waited…and waited…

Surely, he had seen me standing there, right? I stood on a bench to get a view over the crowded street. I spotted him talking to a trio of females. It was ~M and her two girls!! That smoothie! He had made contact with them instantly. I couldn’t help wondering why it took me 12 days to do what he did in a matter of minutes. Then I remembered Cory, Fred and Mildred. Enough said.

When he finished talking to them, he spotted me and walked over to where I was standing.

“How on Earth did you manage that!?” I asked

“Smooth talking, N! Always smooth” he replied

“But you let them get away! Why?”

“No, I didn’t. I made a date for tomorrow. I promised to take them all to a rock concert. I told them I was the drummer for the band” he winked.

“Oh” was all I could manage. Wondering if I had made yet another mistake with this agent, I sighed and told him we’d be heading back to the hotel to meet up with the others. Throwing his drumsticks into the crowd, always the showman, he hooked my arm in his and off we went. Ever the slick one, this Walt.

But would he come through for me? I’d have to be patient, but time was running out.


Stay tuned for more from this crime solving wordsmith…


July Writing Prompt – Marching through Madness – Day 14/31

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