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She really had us running in circles. Trying to keep my composure so the others wouldn’t pick up that I was a bit panicked, I began running thoughts through my head. How could we be so easily fooled by one woman?

I decided we needed a break from all of this, after all, it had been 11 long days of chasing ~M and we hadn’t gotten anywhere. Except in tunnels, and behind doors. The weather had been beautiful so my first thoughts led me to a beach setting. Since we were in Milwaukee, I googled the info and decided on Bay View Park. It had great reviews and what looked to be a perfect “get away from it all” location.

We made our way out the door, back up the winding cobblestone roadway, through the tunnel (good thing I had that match!) and back out to where we began. Hopping in the rental car, we went back to the hotel to change and gather some things, then headed out again to the beach.

The sun made the sand rather hot and I found myself digging my feet into it, trying to find a cool spot. Wait! That’s it! ~M’s fascination with dirt! It had to begin on a beach. What better place to cool off, and since she no longer lived by the beach, this was as close as she could get to it. Why she chose dirt, instead of sand, I’ll never know. But I was sure the beach played a role.

Anyway, it was time to relax and just enjoy the down time. That is, until I heard a lifeguard’s whistle blowing over and over. I looked up from under my floppy hat, down to the shoreline, to see Fred in the water with this ridiculous looking float. I think it was a huge shark, I’m not sure. All I know is the lifeguard was pissed and people were screaming. I wanted to bury my head in the sand, forget my feet. When things finally settled down, we discovered that the beach doesn’t allow flotation devices. Leave it to Fred to play Jaws.

It was then I realized I couldn’t do this with the three of them. I would need to bring in someone else. And I knew exactly who it would be.

Stay tuned for more from this crime solving wordsmith…


July Writing Prompt – Salty shorelines – Day 12/31

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