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Remember the magic, once held in your hand
Cast out to the waters, like fine grains of sand
Washed away in the mist, headed out to the sea
Mystical feelings that aren’t meant to be

Left on the rocks, all alone, with the wind
That caresses your hair, swirls, then rescinds
Like the love you once felt, deep in your heart
That spell has been broken, and it tears you apart

Leaving you to search for the answers, anew
Praying toward the light, in the sky, above you
Seeking, and yet, there is nothing to find
You wonder why life, must be so unkind

Still, you remain, under a spell, which you cast
Forgetting the others, from your quite human past
In agony, you struggle, as part woman, part fish
To remember the magic, tis your one final wish


June Writing Prompt – Remember the Magic – Day 26/30

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0