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Will it ever end, the constant knocking

Of raindrops against window panes,

Like little ones trying desperately

To come inside, hoping to find warmth and safety

And let it snuggle them to its breast, comforting

The nightmares that challenge them.

Every night, the sin of the “other”,

Wraps itself in the blanket, stifling

The heartbeat of the child who lay there

Quietly, fearful, to speak a word, lest he

Or she feel the wrath of the storm

Perhaps it is not the skies raining at all

Perhaps it is the child, who knows not

What love really is, only what they were told

By the “other”, whose only love is a lie


Statistics regarding child sexual abuse can be found HERE, however, the Justice Dept. has not updated its records in five years.  Shame on them.  If you believe a child is in danger, please don’t hesitate…call the authorities.  You could be saving a child’s life.

©Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0