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She never was the lucky one, most times things went awry; on the 27th day of April, she finally figured out why! All this time she’d been slacking, nary a care to be found; til suddenly it all came together, and life, as she knew it, would abound. Plenty of things she’d be chasing, never able to catch them at all; realizing, finally, today, she’d been merely dropping the ball!

Oblivious, in her new found happiness, continuing down the road of success; no one would doubt her, ever again, even though her life, still a mess. She hid that quite well, you might say, even her closest didn’t understand; that deep in her heart, she was crying, this wasn’t what she had planned.

Wanting to live like the other girls, arm in arm with the men of their dreams; she, never finding just the right one, discovered life, isn’t always as it seems.


©2022 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by ElenaMarsh from Pixabay