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I am old
This was something I was told
Imagine he could be so bold
Hiding behind his screen

Oh yes and I am ugly, too
He told me so, it must be true
I really don’t know what to do
‘Bout this stranger, oh so mean

It took a moment from my face
Embarrassment, there was a trace
I laughed it off, picked up the pace
But where was it, I had been?

It threw me for a loop, I confess
Wondered if I looked a mess
Why must I always second guess
Me, myself and in between

It seems so silly to rehash
He was gone, like a flash
Here one moment, just to bash
Then disappeared, now unseen

Perhaps they threw him into jail
This troll who bothered, then bailed
He thought he won, but what a fail
Thirty days of quarantine

At least I hope that’s what he got
Into the fire, nice and hot
Good wishes for him, I have not
You just don’t diss the Queen 😉


Author’s Note:  This actually happened to me during a LIVE on Facebook.  People can be so cruel….

©2021 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved