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All was still, there was no breeze
Perhaps the storm had vanished
No rustling sound, heard from the trees
Be gone, they said, you’re banished

But he did not hear, nor heed their words
A mind of his own, he did what he pleased
Scattered the ashes, silenced the birds
Human homes, he violently seized

Tossed about, like a feather flows
Endlessly lingering, in the air
No place to run, nowhere to go
His goal was to impair

The Earth around him, swirling, turning
He gave no mind, destruction, his calling
Left behind him, devastation, burning
As limb after limb, the forest kept falling…


Authors Note: My heart goes out to all affected by the fires in the United States.  May the rain fall mightily upon the flames, and douse the burning pyre. ❤

©2021 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by Sabine Fenner from Pixabay