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Child of darkness, an endless plight
Carry your sadness, into the night

Moon shines down, a trodden path
Nothing is left, in the aftermath

Lift up your head, here, do abide
Safety awaits you, by my side

Through the forest, trees will guide
Wiping away, the tears you’ve cried

Limbs extend, to grasp, to hold
Gentle hugs, around you, fold

Heed their warmth, brave the cold
September, leaves your spirit old

October comes, the midnight hour
This, is when my light, will tower

Over your journey, feel the power
So full, there is no need to cower

Rise up, and let me bring you home
Together, through the dark, we roam

Fear nothing, while I am in your sight
Follow me, closely, no need for flight

Sleep, while morning shines her sun
Then seek me out, when day is done


©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo: Pixabay