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She sits in the forest, outside her home
Listening, to the whispers of the trees
Spider webs form a woven dome
As the mouse, finally, finds his cheese

She contemplates what needs be done
Before the day arrives, she’s awaiting
Knows it shall be filled with fun
And her spells, she’ll be anticipating

No one knows quite what to expect
Every year, she conjures anew
Keep the kiddies inside, you must protect
Else, they’ll wind up in a potion or two

Lash of eye, and strand of hair
She’ll take from a youthful mortal
Mixed together, drink up, she’ll dare
As she lets out a rather odd chortle

Pumpkin laughs, and shines its light
He’s such an eerie sight to behold
Better stay alert, on Halloween night
Lest your soul, to the witch, be sold


ยฉ2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo: Pixabay