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A scholar of 20, she’d made her mama proud. But what mama didn’t know, was how, exactly, she had achieved this. Not a very good student, Alicia barely made it out of high school. She never gave college a thought. Let’s face it, she hated school, and everything to do with it, especially the cliques. Others thought her quirky, and not worthy of befriending, and so she spent much time alone.

One day, a woman, who had been watching Alicia for some time, approached her with a proposition that made Alicia’s eyes light up. She never hesitated. This was her chance to prove it to all of them that she was somebody.

Now, standing in front of her college class, as valedictorian, she smiled, nodded, and then disappeared. She reappeared in the back of the rows, though no one knew she was there. She stayed still, wondering how her class would react. They looked puzzled, but no one was actually LOOKING for her.  Nothing had changed, so she walked out of the building, and never went back.

Years later, some still talk about the day Alicia Harding disappeared, especially the old woman who lives in a ragged old tent, just outside of town. Quietly selling her herbs and potions, she loves to tell the story over and over, to anyone who will give her the time of day. Her recollection is as vivid as if it had happened that very morning. And to Alicia, it had.


June Writing Prompt – A scholar of 20, she’d made her mama proud. – Day 28/30

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