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The crevices cracked further, with every loud thud. Walls crumbled, as large chunks of drywall fell from the ceiling. Something sinister was going on in the upstairs apartment. Just one person couldn’t make that racket.

They moved in a week ago. Jerry was transferred, his company suggesting this place. It seemed nice, and they settled in. One night, the sound, deafening, began, continuing until it got the response it was waiting for.

An eerie feeling came over Sandy, sending shivers down her spine. Glancing upward, she saw two eyes, staring at her, blank, cold, and lifeless.

They left everything behind.


June Writing Prompt – The crevices cracked further, with every loud thud – Day 19/30

Β©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay (photo manipulation by me)