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A mighty one, was Sir Timothy, who stood proudly, protecting his family. Guarding the gates to the palace, where, others dare not enter, if he was standing there. A one man army, no soldiers did he lead, no man could outdo him, nor his trusty steed. His honor, to stand fast, against all invaders, tis why the country dubbed him, their Great Crusader.

Rumor has it, he often returns on the eve, of the battle that took him, caused his loved ones to grieve.  Though they dare not look upon him, this noble man of King Gawain, for sunken eyes and bony cheeks, are all that remain.  Sir Timothy, they claim, will visit, from time to time, made known by the church bell’s melancholic chime.

June Writing Prompt – Sunken eyes and bony cheeks were all that remained – Day 6/30

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Photo via Pixabay