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She was guarding the land, and even then, there was nothing she could do. The Amazon kept watch over the castle, sword at the ready, for intruders, who dared cross her… until that one night.

A cracking noise from the building, followed by loud flapping of wings, and she knew he was there. For too long, the dragon had slept. The hour was upon the mighty warrior. Her army, fled, leaving her alone.

Fiery evil was held back by the golden shield in Myrina’s skilled hand. The queen would have to battle the blaze, until she could battle no more.


Authors note:  Michelle’s prompts for June are perfect for flash fiction writing.  I have chosen to do just that, each in 100 words, for the next 30 days. I hope you enjoy.  🙂

June Writing Prompt – And even then, there was nothing they could do – Day 2/30

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