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The sun set in a fiery red against the spire of the local church. As the light reflected off the top, the sky seemed almost embarrassed by the grandeur of the tower. The sun cowered between the beams that held the spire, lifting it into the sky, allowing it to illuminate the waters down below. The town around it was silent, awaiting the resounding echoes of the bells, signaling the end of another day. But tonight, even the tower was silent. The bells no longer rang, they no longer sang. And the town folk knew, night had fallen forever more.


Authors note:  Michelle’s prompts for June are perfect for flash fiction writing.  I have chosen to do just that, each in 100 words, for the next 30 days. I hope you enjoy.  🙂

June Writing Prompt – The top of the spire reflected the embarrassed sky – Day 1/30

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