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In his wildest dreams, he was a pirate
A swashbuckler much better than Kidd
Though merely a fantasy, his free spirit
Nearly did him in, oh, God forbid!

Found himself a lady, the finest, was she
Treated her poorly, and it cost him
When he wasn’t looking, went on a spree
Left him with nothing, but exhaustion

When realizing he had nothing to wear
He went out, and found himself a sewer
Turns out, it’s the sister, he took to his lair
Only the devil, it appears, didn’t know her

Promising to make him the best costume ever
Sneering, he said, get to it, I will not pester
When finished, presented him, her endeavor
Laughed, because she made it out of polyester

He wondered aloud, how could this be right?
This fabric is horrid on the skin, it itches!!
He looked for her, but she fled, in the night
Now he’s stuck, with irritated britches


May Writing Prompts – The Devil Wears Polyester – Day 31/31 – Hard to believe another month has passed, and June is knocking on our door! The twisted book titles were a blast. Next months prompts are sure to catch your fancy…a little bit different than what you’re used to.Β Β  πŸ˜‰

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