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We start out very small, and oh, we are such cuties
With a diaper on the bottom, to cover up our booty’s
Everyone coos at us, and we think that’s just grand
Of course, you realize, it’s exactly how it’s planned

The years go on, and slowly, our diapers disappear
Instead, in place, is underwear, to cover up our rear
We learn to use the bathroom, for other than a bath
Having to pull down our undies, sure gives us a draft

Still more years pass by us, we’ve got it under control
Our body tells us when it’s time, to visit a nearby bowl
We take it all for granted, it will always be this way
Til we realize, something’s different, and gone astray

Where once we knew our bodies well, it has changed
And all our underclothing, must now be rearranged
Instead of fancy underwear, we’re in diapers once more
And those taking care of us, are the ones, we cared for



May Writing Prompts – The Age of Incontinence – Day 26/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay