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She escaped the worst of it, she thought

Colored her locks, with classic brunette

Gave herself bangs, changed her attire

Still, she hadn’t gotten away, just yet

She laughed, when they all ran by her

On a bar stool she sat, happily perched

Confident now, she wouldn’t be caught

She smiled, as the whole town searched

Took on the human persona, quite pleased

With the way she had assimilated so well

Would she manage to remain one of them?

She had to be patient, only time would tell

Suddenly, something seemed different

She knew her disguise must have failed

They took her away, became belligerent

Down at the courthouse, she was jailed

Looks, can only be deceiving, for awhile

Eventually, your true colors come through

She tried to mirror humans, it’s better to not

There are some things, you can never undo


May Writing Prompts – Illegally Brunette – Day 22/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay