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Each day, sounds of whispers
A rustle of leaves, but not quite
Near the bushes, they gather
To bid the day goodnight

Making a canopy, over the road
Each to the other, very quietly
No humans, can ever be around
This is the secret life of trees

Faces begin to appear on trunks
As the sun sets, with swiftness
Careful not to draw attention
They never want an eyewitness

For if the humans find them out
They will surely cut them down
And this is why you never hear
A tree, when it hits the ground

They’ll never make a noise, a thud
Or cry out loudly, in sudden pain
People would know their secret
And they’d never show faces, again

So, every time you pass by trees
Remember, they have feelings, too
Be kind, and let them live in peace
It’s the least we humans can do…


May Writing Prompts – The Secret Life of Trees – Day 9/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay